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Mature content
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Carried Away by Skippy-the-Demon Carried Away :iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 7 5 Nighty Night Goddess by Skippy-the-Demon Nighty Night Goddess :iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 7 12 Thinking of You by Skippy-the-Demon Thinking of You :iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 0 14
A Ballad, A Song
A Ballad, A Song for All Who Will Hear
Pressed up against the side of the shower
with his arms wrapped around your waist.
Two hours later, you're late for work,
but you've got a huge smile on your face.
What is it about this ginger-haired punk
that can take your breath right away?
Oh, my friend, you've fallen so hard
that you can't think of something to say.
He calls you his song; you call him a doof,
but you say it with love in your tone.
And even though you live streets apart
you know he'll be there when you get home.
The two of you met at a bookstore up north,
a place where you used to work.
You made a bold move and asked him out,
even though your last guy was a jerk.
He was nervous and shy, visibly scared.
He had never done this before.
But that was okay! Because neither had you.
And that date left you both wanting more.
So the two of you planned to meet up again
and the time that next week rolled around,
you and he were nigh joined at the hip,
so happy your feet left the ground.
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 1 13
Follow You
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Cross, nor any of the characters/locations therein. I also do not lay any claim to the story, as this is a submission for a contest. This is a fan-ending.
Follow You
The strange boy with eyes that once shone like stars sat in his windowsill, staring out into the night sky. It was dark. Not a single point of light in the bleak horizon of nighttime. And he just didn't care anymore. The stars had gone out, ceased to glow for him, for anyone. The stars were dead.
So close.
He had come so close to finally meeting someone, to finally having someone else to talk to, to finally having a friend. He had been so close that he had almost touched her, almost been able to know what physical contact felt like. A brush of shoulders, a handshake, a hug. Anything would have staved off that horrible aloneness that had plagued him since gods knew when. So close and it had all been for nothing. Now, he couldn't even make the stars light up. He just didn't have th
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 0 11
Guardian Angel
Disclaimer: I do not own Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, nor any of the characters/locations therein. I do, however own the Archangel and his instruments, and the story.
Guardian Angel
He stared down at his orange-sneakered feet, trying to comprehend where he was. It just didn't make sense. One minute, he was in an alley, bleeding, and now…
Now he was somewhere that…wasn't. Nowhere. And yet somewhere, everywhere, he couldn't place himself and he wasn't all that sure he wanted to. What happened to me?
"You died. Simple as that."
The sudden voice in the surrounding emptiness scared the hell out of him and he jumped practically out of his skin when he heard it. It was right there behind him. He did a kind of startled little trip/dance/flail number and whipped around. Very, very ungraceful, he chided himself with a frown.
The voice chuckled from somewhere behind him. Again. "Now, now, no need for theatrics, I'm not here to hurt you. I'm not even all that scary. Lo
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 15 18
Ghosts and Forgotten Memories
Disclaimer: I do not own Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, nor any of the characters/locations therein. I do, however, own the story.
Ghosts and Forgotten Memories
He doesn't know just how long he's been there. He supposes it's been at least…oh, five, six years? Maybe more. He's not sure. One thing he does know is that no one, in all the time he's been awake, has come to visit him.
Not a single person.
Friend, parent, sibling, lover. No one. He's all alone. And he would say that it bothers him, would say that the absence of loved ones at his grave instills sadness or anger or disappointment or any other number of emotions…if he could remember. The truth is, he doesn't have any memory of who he is or who knew him. So there is no one to miss when no one seems to be missing him.
He wanders around the cemetery sometimes, just to see if he can jog his memory. Other times he just sits up against his headstone – high up on a hill overlooking the rest of the graves. There is a tree the
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 15 29
A Walk Together
Disclaimer: I do not own Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, nor any of the characters/location therein. I do, however own the story.
A Walk Together
It wasn't a particularly cold night - not that I could really feel much in the way of air temperature – but all the same it had been raining earlier in the evening and the moisture still clinging to everything left a slight chill that even I did not fail to notice. Absently, I pulled my jacket collar up higher around my neck to shield my jaw line from the damp air.
At an estimate, I would have to say that it was roughly two-o-clock in the morning. Hanna had fallen asleep earlier than normal and I had decided to take my almost-nightly walk accordingly. I had already read my current book twice. I was not entirely ready to start reading it again so soon.  
Generally I am not accustomed to seeing many other people out and about when I go walking, but every once in a while a figure passes me as I travel down the sidewalks and side street
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 22 37
Disclaimer: I do Not own Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, nor any of the characters/locations therein. I do, however, own the poem.
RedLight-GreenLight, StopLight-Go!
Swish and swirl
Ink and pen
Hands at the ready
Open end
Twist the cap
Tip to palm
Flickering symbols
Moving on
Fire and Earth
Hair and Skin
Back to Back we'll face the wind
Partners, we
Like Quick and Slow
RedLight-GreenLight, StopLight-Go!
Tick and tock
Clockwork chime
Just close enough to
Make a rhyme
Hammer, rune
Loyal, true
Stapled together
Glowing hue
Flame and Dust
Hands and Eyes
Back to Back with heads held high
Black and White
Against the flow
RedLight-GreenLight, StopLight-Go!
Criss and Cross
Stitch and twine
A touch of magic
Out of time
Paper birds
Needle, thread
Memories whither
Ten years dead
Night and Blaze
Dark and Light
Back to Back we stand and fight
Brothers now
With lives aglow
RedLight-GreenLight, StopLight-Go!
Smile and Grin
Guard and Guide
Back to Back and Side by Side
We, a pair
Are Heart and Soul
Like Red
:iconskippy-the-demon:Skippy-the-Demon 15 26

Random Favourites

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Alright, so, as you might be able to tell by my years-long hiatus, I pretty much no longer use this account. There are several reasons for this:
  1. Life got a little too adult-y and stuff (grad school, work, several moves) got in the way

  2. I barely draw or make any kind of visual art anymore

  3. I have primarily moved over to

HOWEVER! I do still write all kinds of fanfiction, which I have been posting on my other online accounts. I have also been slowly moving all of my fanfiction from here over to my other locations, so that everything is all together and more organized. Now, I have abandoned my LiveJournal, but I've revamped my old FF.N account, as well as signed up for Archive of Our Own. I'll leave links below so that anyone who wishes to find me, can.

I want to thank you all so, so much for your support and your friendships over the years - and if you have only recently found me then I thank you for taking interest in my horrendously old attempts at art. XD I'm sorry that I'm leaving, but please feel free to come and hunt me down on my other accounts. 

Now since it is possible that I'll come back and revamp/clean up my DA at some point in the future and turn it into fanfiction gallery, I won't be deactivating. But because have I three other places where I'm more active, that probably won't happen anytime soon - if at all.

So let me say again how happy I am to have been part of the DA community for as long as I was, and how grateful I am to have met so many of you. I love you, guys - take care of yourselves and I hope to see some of you on my other sites~ Wink/Razz 

As always,

:skull: :fuzzydemon: Skippy luvs you! :fuzzydemon: :skull:




(User name is ChronicCombustion in all three places.)


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:bulletpurple:Name: Trevor

:bulletpurple:Allias{s}: Skippy, Ax, Purple

:bulletpurple:Gender: Male

:bulletpurple:Age: Unimportant

:bulletpurple:Star Sign{s}: Taurus, Anpu

:bulletpurple:Element: Earth

:bulletpurple:Muse: R. A. Krane

:bulletpurple:Interests: Music, Writing, Reading, Videogames, Hugs, Friends, Singing, Piano, Cosplaying, Cons, Chocolate

:bulletpurple:Obsessions: Kingdom Hearts, MediEvil, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name


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